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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Two Former Team Members

 Before I introduce you to our current (HUGE) team, I wanted to take a moment to introduce two team members that left us not long ago and whom we greatly miss!

Jean was one of our original team members and we ADORED him so. He got along great with the kids and they really liked his calm manner. I greatly valued his calm problem solving skills and his quick thinking in the heat of the moment! Jean was a great asset to our team and we were all sad when he announced he was moving back to where his family lived. I know it was a great move for him, but it was a huge loss for us! Where ever Jean is working now, I KNOW those people are being blessed with his presence!

Veronica came onto our team late, and left early, but sometimes that is the way life happens! We enjoyed her while she was here and I think she made a lasting impact on the kids :) One of the things that I really valued about Veronica was that she NEVER let me get in a "I feel sorry for myself" place. If I was down or moody, she looked around, found what needed done, and was the task master about getting it done! I always felt so much better after we finished even though I was saying not nice things to her in my mind when we started! Veronica too left our team to move back to be with her family, and I pray that she is doing well where she is!

Watch out...
Because soon we are going to be introducing you to our current team!

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