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Sunday, April 3, 2011

What is Creating 4 Care?

Welcome to our blog for Simply Soares Creating 4 Care! We are so glad that you stopped by today and want to learn about us! Simply Soares Creating 4 Care is a unique business that allows me to sell my hand crafted treasures in order to pay for much needed care, medical treatments and supplies for my special son, and through doing this I am able to stay home with my children and be the best mom I can be.
Simply Soares Creating 4 Care was born out of my desire to mesh my two passions and the need for me to be home with my children more. Let me take a moment to explain how this grand adventure came about.
I am and have always been a passionate artist who loves to create. I first began learning about sewing and creating when I was around 3 years old. I played under the quilting frames in my great grandmother’s work room while she and her friends sat around and hand stitched extraordinary quilts. I was blessed that my mom and my grandmother also sewed and hand crafted while I was growing up. My memory banks hold strong memories of three generations of women creating.
When it came time for me to choose a life path in college I was torn. I had a business mind, yet my heart was all about creating. During my college years I dated a wonderful artist who continually inspired me with his talent and helped me to follow my heart. After much hard work I graduated with a degree in Home Economics with an emphasis in Fashion and Design.
For most of the years since my college days I have been blessed to be able to work in fields I like while doing things I am passionate about. I have designed wedding gowns, designed and created flower girl dresses and been a wedding coordinator. I have worked extensively in the alterations and custom sewing world, where I specialized in wedding gowns and men’s formal wear, but have played with almost everything made of cloth! I have been privileged to do a great deal of design and conceptual work, creating visions that people have in their minds into wearable art.
In 2006, I was blessed to be able to open my own resell Children’s Goods store with my sister-in-law. For both of us, this was the realization of a dream, and we greatly enjoyed blessing the families of our community with affordable recycled children’s goods. While this was a profitable and fun business, life changes, and in 2010 we decided together that it was time to close this business. My personal life had changed and I needed to be able to focus 100% on my children, which is difficult to do while maintaining regular business hours!
My first passion is being a mom, and I am completely committed to both of my children. In the past few years I have transitioned to being a full time, single mom, which a job in itself! Additionally, my son has come to a place where he needs me more accessible to him 24/7. Nathaniel has Spina Bifida, a permanently disabling birth defect, and in the last few years we have been on a rough road with much of his care and health.
Since closing the business I have been trying to juggle a part time job in the professional world in addition to meeting the needs of my children. I have a FABULOUS care team to help with Nathaniel’s needs, yet I have come to the place where I realized my working outside of our home is not at all good for my family. We are all suffering from this balancing act, and that is not ok with me! My family is and will always be my first priority. Sitting at this crossroad in life it was time to make a choice. I need to provide for the financial needs of my family while being available to my children at all times to meet their needs, and hence the dream of Simply Soares Creating 4 Care was born!
Simply Soares Creating 4 Care has a threefold purpose. The first “fold” is providing a service that the community where I live needs. Seamstress work is a dying art, and there is a huge demand for quality, local, affordable work. I can help to meet that demand by providing my services in our community. I have a small office space set up in our hometown, Los Osos, where I can meet and fit customers by appointment. Then I have a studio/work area set up in our home, so I can do the actual work in my home. Having my work area at home affords me the ability to work while the kids are at school, asleep or otherwise occupied. Thus I am accessible to them and able to meet their needs while still providing for us financially.
The second “fold” of Simply Soares Creating 4 Care is establishing an outlet for me to sell my creations. I greatly enjoy using my creative energy and great finds to make unique and fun family items and I am looking forward to offering those items to the world! With the unlimited possibilities of the Internet and great shopping tools like Etsy, I can offer fun, creative, unique items for reasonable prices from the comfort of my own home. In our shop you can find treasures like beautiful quilts, simple nursing covers, unique children’s clothing, fresh headbands and hair clips and fun accessories, and more.  Simply Soares Creating 4 Care can be found online, at You can also find us on Facebook, where we have a fan page and will be offering fun giveaways, great deals and lots of inspiration!
The third “fold” of Simply Soares Creating 4 Care is the actual care component. Nathaniel is a delightful boy who has had many victories in his life, yet he still needs a support system to help him meet his full potential in life. We have a wonderful team of personal assistants and care providers that comes in and works in our home with our family to help us all have a better quality of life. Sometimes these folks come in and work with Nathaniel so that I can spend some quality time with Audrey, sometimes they work with Audrey so I can focus on Nathaniel, and sometimes they play mommy so I can take a much needed break! I have learned that even though I am a single mom, I am NOT a superhero! In order to be the best mom possible I need down time and breaks too! Our care team is a VITAL part of our family and Creating 4 Care allows me to continue to fund this team.
When you put all three folds of this business together and look at the whole picture you can see that while this is a fun and creative adventure, it is also a way to meet the financial and practical needs of our family while being 100% family focused! And THAT is my first goal in life, to be 100% focused on the BEST thing for my children and my family!
I hope that you have enjoyed the journey through which Simply Soares Creating 4 Care was created and that you can see how important each and every supporter in this endeavor is to us. My passion is to be the best mom possible and provide for my unique family while being true to the person I was created to be. Creating 4 Care blends all of those things and will be a blessing to our family for years to come!

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