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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday Treasure 8.30.2011

Good Tuesday to all of YOU!!!

I hope this week is treating you better than it is treating me! (Let's not talk about broken teeth, children refusing to get dressed, tantrums or migraines, shall we?? No!)

In light of the week, AND since I know you all know what you want better than I do....

Today's Tuesday Treasure Sale is.....


Yup... sometimes that is just BEST!

For this week only (Tuesday 8/30/2011 till midnight on Monday 9/5/2011), use the coupon code TUESDAYTREASURE to get 15% off of any purchase in our Etsy Shop!!!

As always, if you are local and would like to save on shipping costs, please message me and we can make a plan and I will change the listing for you!

I would like to thank Jennifer for purchasing last week's Tuesday Treasure, I am sure whoever is receiving that gift will be blessed!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

New Treasures to List

I got to run away and work this weekend, without kids to interrupt me!!!

Looky at all I got done!!!

3 Embellished Tank Tops
7 Headbands (made out of recycled tee shirts!)
4 Clippie Sets
and 4 Halloween Bobby Sets!

I can't wait to get it all listed so you all can have new treasures!

What do you think??
Is there something you like?
Is there something you would like to see me make and carry??

I would love to hear your feedback!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Wedding Garter

In July I had the honor of making the garters for a special wedding!!
It was very special for me to take the ideas that this dear bride had, then make them into reality for her very special day!

Even though I did not get to go to this wedding (it was just not financially possible for the kids and I unfortunately) I was there in a small way!

Many blessing to you Fiona and Andy for a long happy marriage!!!

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Oh my gosh!
With all of the CRAZINESS that comes with back to school,
I ALMOST forgot today is TUESDAY!

It's time for today's Tuesday Treasure Sale!!!

This week's item....

ADORABLE baby boy rag blanket!

Regular price $35.00

This week's BARGAIN price of $25.00!!!

Get it QUICK HERE before someone else does!

Ok, bag to mad dash to sew diaper insert transport bags before school starts tomorrow....
I am the only one that makes handmade water proof bags to send in the backpack for the dirty diaper inserts to come on in daily???
Ok. I guess I really am one of a kind!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday's Treasure Sale 8.16.11

Today's Tuesday's Treasure Sale is a BEAUTIFUL, handmade, twin sized quilt!

Perfect for any room, and a great variety of fabrics in it!

And I think this is the best Tuesday's Treasure Sale yet.....

This great quilt, regularly priced at $160.00 and $15.00 shipping can be all yours for just $140.00 AND FREE SHIPPING!!!

What a steal!

Go HERE for it quick before someone else gets it!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Tuesday's Treasure Sale 8.9.11

For this weeks Tuesday's Treasure Sale I am offering a 3 pack of hair pretties for ONLY $15.00 and that INCLUDES the shipping!
 What a deal!

And to make it even sweeter, YOU get to pick what three items you would like! Browse through the hair pretties and in the notes to seller section please note the listing numbers of the three items you would like!

 So easy, so fun and such a great deal!

To order go check it out HERE!

A New Piece in the SB Awareness Line...

I had my jewelry making tools and toys out today to complete a few orders that I had piled up.

 After making some beautiful pieces for some dear friends I really wanted to create something new. I have been toying with an idea for a new piece for the Spina Bifida Awareness line that I really wanted to make.

You see, when many of us SB parents received the news that we had a child with Spina Bifida we did not hear medical professionals telling us encouraging things. Many of us heard worst case scenarios. Some of us were lucky enough to just get "we don't know"s. But I don't think any of us learned how BLESSED we would be by our special children! And that is what I wanted this new piece to focus on... the BLESSING of Spina Bifida!

Because I have a child with Spina Bifida I am...

 BLESSED to have a charismatic son who has spirit and strength to overcome ANYTHING life throws at him.

BLESSED to watch my son prove doctors, therapists and other medical professionals wrong daily.

BLESSED to have a special group of friends that I doubt I would have met otherwise.

BLESSED to be completely, 100% dependant on the Lord ALL THE TIME.

BLESSED to be involved in FABULOUS organizations like Project Surf Camp, Spina Bifida Kids, Day of Discovery and the likes which are FILLED with passionate, encouraging people who dare to dream big like I do for my child!

BLESSES to be mommy to a miracle every single day, even when that miracle has me wanting to disown him, I still have him here on earth!

So what do you think of this new piece???

I personally LOVE it! But I want to hear your thoughts too....

Need this piece?? Go HERE to order it!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday's Treasure Sale!

It's Tuesday again!

How DOES time fly so fast???

But you should be happy that it is Tuesday again, because that means we have a NEW Treasure Sale item!!!

Today on SALE is this Beautiful Queen sized quilt in a "Double T" pattern!

The colors are vibrant and fun, the pattern is sutle but pretty and this quilt is ready to beautify any room, while keeping you warm!

From now until it sells (or next Tuesday) this beauty will NOT be the bargain price of $240.00, which our queen sized quilts usually sell for. Oh no, this beauty is now ONLY $200.00! For a brand new, handmade queen sized quilt??? What a steal!!

Hurry now and check it out HERE!

Remember, every purchase at Simply Soares Creating 4 Care goes to help pay for the care and support of my special needs son! So not only are you getting great quality at a fabulous price, you are supporting a special family! And we thank you for that support!

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