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Sunday, November 27, 2011

New Quilt Tops!

There are some new quilt tops around here....
Quiet beautiful if I do say so myself!! LOL

But I am not sure which one to quilt up first, won't you help me decide?

First up...
This beautiful one in golds, greens and reds with black and whit polka dots as the constant

Beautiful fall colors in a queen sized top

Lots of subtle texture, but no overly big prints

Should I finish this one off first?

Or there is this springy number.. 
With it's fresh yellows, white and green it would be perfect for spring.

And we all know that come January any reminder of spring is welcome...

Again, the prints are subtle and pretty.

So should I do this one first??

Up next is this fun girly top... 
With lots of pink and block and white prints there is contrast, fun and flirty going on in this top!

I think it is very eye catching and a great focal statement...

So maybe I should finish it off first....

What do you think??

The last one done is this fun number... 
To me it is the most striking of the group...

I love the bold colors set off with the snow white on white print.

And it is the most likely to be accepted by men, color wise...

So maybe I should finish it off first!

As you can see, I need help deciding what to do!
And OF COURSE if someone just HAD to have one of these then THAT would be the first one to get finished off!!!
So help me out... let me know which one I should finish first.
Or better yet tell me which one you want to buy and I will finish it for YOU! :-)

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