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Friday, July 1, 2011

Gift Ideas!

Recently I have had some birthday parties sneak up on me and catch me unprepared!

The first one was an 8th birthday for one of Audrey's friends.

I knew about the party, and even what I wanted to make the little girl, but then all of the sudden it was ON me and I wasn't ready!

The sweetheart loves purple, and like dresses and skirts, so I wanted to make her a little skirt. I guess either I don't love purple, or I like it so much I use it all up, because I had a HARD time finding purple fabric in my totes (and when I say my totes, we all know that mean at least 10 HUGE totes, right?) But any who, I can up with these two purple prints and combined them... I think it came out cute!

And what skirt is complete without a matching hair accessory??

Audrey went through my yo yo box and found the center one that she thought looked good with the two prints I was using, then she picked out buttons too! I think she has a good eye for cute things... kinda like her mommy :)

**if you like this combo, watch the Etsy shop, because I made a second set that will be listed in the next few days :)**

The other party was for our neighbor boy... he was turning 3 and I was drawing a complete blank for a three year old boy....

Then I came up with this... a personalized super hero cape!!!

This was super easy to make and SUCH a hit! I think I have a new go to gift for boys!!

Actually, this was so well received that I have orders for two more and I decided to offer it in my Etsy shop HERE!  I am excited to do more of these, it was so much fun!

AND I learned a little secret with this project.....

Wanna know what it was....

I got my Cricut to cut fabric!!

I have been trying and trying to get it to cut fabric, and I FINALLY got it to on this project! So exciting!!!

What are your go to gifts when your children are invited to birthday parties???

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