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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Good Bye Reb!

**If you read over on our Family Blog this will be a repeat post for you... sorry!*

Not long ago (or maybe longer than I want to admit ago...) we had our last contact with Reb.

Reb has been on our team for over a year, and he was really the leader of the pack. He was more mature than the rest of the team, and really able to keep his "cool as a cucumber" type demeanor NO MATTER WHAT, which with Nathaniel can be VERY challenging at times. Whenever Reb was on shift, I knew I didn't have to worry about anything Nat might throw at us, and therefore Reb ended up going to lots of events with us. (Events bring out a unique side of Nathaniel).

Nathaniel LOVED Reb too!

Reb had endless stamina for all things sports, which delighted Nathaniel.

So for our closing contact we headed to one of our favorite parks with a picnic dinner and all things sports.

Audrey LOVES this park for all of it;s cool climbing things, but this night she was totally into this huge rock...

Silly Girl!

After dinner and a round of baseball, we broke out the bubbles for an activity Audrey would enjoy.

Surprisingly Nathaniel got into the bubbles too!

Which gave me lots of time to take pictures :)

After a bit Nathaniel just wanted to sit on Reb (why is it kids always want to sit ON people, not NEXT to them??)

Then we were off to more baseball...

Would you please check out that baseball fashion!

Jeans under the dress (because she was cold), jacket over the whole thing, and then cowgirl boots for the finishing touch... interesting sports attire!

We ended the out outing with me TRYING to get a picture of these three silly folks....

At least they were all being silly the same way in this one!

All in all it was a great closing contact and we all miss Reb (and his phone!) very much!

Reb, the Soares family wishes you well in the next chapters of your life and will remember you fondly!
 Take Care!

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