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Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Blog Spot Linky Party

I am excited to be taking part in this blog party from The Blog Guidebook! Have you ever check them out?? I always find the coolest information there, and I totally adore Lyndsay and Sarah, who created the Blog Guidebook. If you have never visited there you should cruise on over AFTER you have read my post and left me a little love!

 I am Gretchen and this is my newest blog!

I write here to share the wonderful creations that I make, to bring awareness to my business, Creating 4 Care, so I can continue to work from home and provide care for my children and to share about our wonderful Care Team.

 I know, it's a lot. And it might even seem like it does not tie together much... but it does in my brain!

(yes, I know, I am an artist, so many don't understand my brain, but if you want to try to understand a little more try reading THIS, it might help!) 

I really do LOVE creating things with my hands, and sharing them with the world. So for me, this business venture was an easy choice to make, and so far it has been a complete blessing to my family and I! Through this blog I hope to share some of the passion behind the treasures you will find in my Etsy store and to increase readership, and therefore people who will fall in love with our goodies and spread the word to others!

Finding TIME to blog is the true challenge for me. I get into creative bursts of energy where I create non stop. I also have TONS of responsibilities as a single mom. And to top it all off, one of my children has special needs! So I often have to make sure blogging gets on my never ending to do list, or I simply don't make time for it. Even then my children come first, my clients come second, my employees come third, my household comes fourth and THEN building my business comes next, so there are often spurts of time that I don't get a chance to blog much. It is a bummer, I know, because I LOVE to share, but a girl has to prioritise you know??

When I do get a chance to blog, the most common place I am is curled up in my bed in the middle of the night!

But when I have time scheduled into my day for blogging I love to head out and blog in places like these:

I have a THING for all places beachy, can you tell??

It is a good thing that the good Lord has seen fit to bless me with living where I do!
(Central Coast of California, for those of you who don't know!)

My other favorite place to blog is at a little coffee shop (although the coffee is the LEAST of the reasons to go there... their food is DELICIOUS!) that sits on the beach. I love sitting on their patio, watching the ocean )or better yet, the sun set!) and writing!

So, that is a little peak at who I am. If you want to find out more, please feel free to cruise around, I think we have hidden lots of great little nuggets about us all around this here blog! 

Now won't you leave me a little comment so I can come on over to your blog house and meet you??

Thanks for stopping by today!

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